Buddy, often lovingly referred to by me as “Nubs”, was just the sweetest dog a girl could ever ask to share a house with! He belonged to my housemate Vicky, and I loved him from the very start. He was just such a lovebug, and his little nubbin of a tail would go nuts when we was really happy. He just brought so much love and happiness into my life and was such a great companion on a rough day, poor guy probably got sick of me wrapping my arms around his neck!

For the past few months his health was declining, and Vicky finally had to make the toughest decision any animal lover ever has to make. We were a house full of broken-hearted girls, and saying goodbye to Buddy was incredibly difficult, but we all knew he was in pain and it was the best decision for his quality of life.

I offered to shoot a few photos of our sweet Buddy on his last day, while he was still in good spirits. We brought out his favorite toy, a tiny stuffed squirrel that originally belonged to my mom’s chihuahua, and shared a few sweet and hilarious moments playing in the driveway.

This guy will always have a sweet spot in my heart and memories.

Jackson- A Puppy Shoot

Remember my friend Tegan? Well last week I got a text from her asking if I take puppy pictures, because she had recently adopted a sweet little 4 legged friend who she named Jackson. He’s a 3 month old Irish Setter, Australian Shepherd mix and is one of the sweetest, softest, cutest little pups I’ve ever met.  And he loooooooves Tegan so much! I have to say, playing with Jackson and seeing how he’s already brought so much love into Tegan’s life didn’t help my case of the Iwantapuppy virus that seems to hit around my age. For now, I guess I’ll just stick to loving and photographing other peoples sweet pooches!

Jackson sure did give me a run for my money, but he gave Tegan even more of a run…’cause he decided to take off and explore Bressi Ranch a little bit. He even wandered into Trader Joe’s! Good thing he’s cute!

And now (drumroll please) I’d like to introduce you to Jackson! Enjoy the cuteness!

Best “shake face” shot ever, and I didn’t even have to ask!


Cute from every angle!

Okay, I know this one’s blurry…but REALLY, it was too great not to share it. I cracked up when I came across this while reviewing the shots that day!

I have a feeling he uses this face to melt Tegan’s heart when he chews on something he shouldn’t…

The flipped ear? TOO cute, right?



We finally got him all tuckered out and he was feelin’ mighty snuggly at this point. So sweet!


Tegan-It was so fun chasing Jackson around and playing with you guys! Thanks so much for asking me to do this. He’s such a sweet lil’ guy, can’t wait to see the kind of “grown up” dog he’ll become. Glad he found you 😉