Karley {Just Because Portraits}

I remember when my cousin Karley was just a baby and I was so excited to someday have her stay the weekend and my house and we would go shopping and paint our nails and watch movies… I couldn’t wait to be the cool older cousin! We’re 12 years apart, so in her eyes I think I always was the cool older cousin (and she was always my sweet baby cousin!), but my “cool older cousin” dreams finally came true a couple of weekends ago!

We had so much fun together, the ultimate girly cousin weekend! We spent our 2 days together catching up about life, going out to eat, shopping for good deals, painting our nails… we may have even talked about boys (shhhh!). Maybe 😉 And we ended our weekend of fun with a little Just Because photoshoot of Karley. We planned her outfits, did her hair and makeup and set out for this spot I couldn’t wait to shoot at. I would say we had a total blast! Karley went from my adorable little baby cousin to a beautiful young lady in the pas 15 years, and I was pretty much in awe the entire time. I’m sure I said a few sappy comments about her growing up, and how time flies…but it’s the truth!

{ Karley, you are absoultely stunning and so precious to me! I hope you know both of those things!!! I’m so excited to have more Cousin Weekends, and to watch you continue to grow up. Thanks for spending the weekend at my house and fulfilling my “Cool older cousin” dreams. haha. I love you, sweet thang. And I hope you love these fun photos we captured. You sure were a natural! }

We started out with a more casual, natural look, which she totally rocked! Then we switched it up, added some more color and spunk and Karley turned into a sassy model! I loved working with her and seeing her beauty shine!

2 thoughts on “Karley {Just Because Portraits}

  1. INCREDIBLE! What a Gorgeous Job! Karley looks like she is actually doing a “Professional Model Shoot!” I am so impressed with the way You have captured Her many different “Sided” of Her, Her Personality, Sweetness,and Similarity to both Yo and Cindy is Amazing! The environment You picked couldn’t have been any better, She almost looks like a Fairy, floating through Her enchanted Forest in these shots, Wow,and Wow again, Pretty soon , someone Smart is going to try Hiring You away to a Big Magazine or something Like that, maybe a Fashion Mag? Wouldn’t surpise Me in the Least, “Someone get that Girl an Agent!!”
    N Ramsey

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