Baby Alex- 8 week Portraits

Hannah belongs to one of my favorite families ever, so I was really excited when I found out she was expecting another little boy…and even more excited when I got to photograph him! Alex looks like a little mob boss, with a killer smile to balance it out. He may be small, but he looks like he could kick some major butt if necessary. Or, ya know, just snuggle for a few hours. We shot these a month ago and I’ve just now been able to edit them (who loves computer issues!? Not this girl!) so of course I had to post them right away!

We spent the day trying to get Alex to flash his gummy smile for the camera, and got a few almost smiles, but he’s cute no matter what! His big brother Axton and his cousin Devon even made an appearance towards the end, and those turned out to be some of my absolute favorites. Boys being boys, and a little lovey-dovey too.

Alex, you’ve got tons of extra aunts and uncles who love you. I hope you’re cool with having a fan club already 😉

One thought on “Baby Alex- 8 week Portraits

  1. My Sweet Paloma,
    You have doen it,once again! And with all of the Computer Issues, My Hat is off to You , out of Sheer respect for Your Commitment to Your Profession,and God-Given Talent!
    A Lot of “Others” might have Given Up ,YOu Did NOT ! I am so proud i could Burst ,and the Shots ……I am running out of Words,so You KNOW I am impressed!
    Congratulations on this Huge Success of a shoot !
    Daddio ;))

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