Makoto & Joel {Married}

After only a couple of months of planning (and lots of girly conversations, crafts, and questions about lavender) the day had finally arrived…my roommate and friend was marrying her best friend in the whole wide world, and I got the honor of documenting their day.

These two are simply wonderful! They have both been so easy to work with, so easy to photograph (remember their amazing Engagement Photos?), and so easy to be friends with. Makoto and Joel are just one of those couples that work, and work well. I’ve had a few people ask if it was ever weird dealing with the business side of things when friends become clients, and I can honestly say that with these two it was never weird or tense or unclear. Makoto talked to me early on about being their Wedding Photographer, and from the beginning of that 1st conversation about it she treated me with absolute respect and I never doubted that she valued my time and talent. I’m not sure if she knows it, but that aspect of working with them was an absolute blessing and such an encouragement, not to mention that fact that it was just plain fun!

Makoto’s family is from the laid back and lovely Hawaii, and Joel’s family is from the classy East Coast and people traveled from ALL over the world to make it to this wedding (England, Amsterdam, Hawaii, West Virginia); their wedding was a perfect blend of the two vibes and it was without a doubt a joyous celebration! Makoto did most of the planning (with a little help from some great friends…and Joel too) and it all came together so beautifully. The hand-drawn sketch of the church they used for their invitations and programs was done by Joel (who has some mad illustration skills) and it added such a great personal touch to things. Makoto and her sisters even performed a Hula during the reception, which was just absolutely stunning to watch!

Makoto and Joel, I love you guys…as people and as a couple! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being amazing clients, great friends, and really good looking 😉 I hope these capture how your day felt! Enjoy!

Friends and Family, there are plenty more featuring your lovely faces, dance moves and significant others on my Facebook page 😉

4 thoughts on “Makoto & Joel {Married}

  1. These all look SO great! You are such an amazing photographer! You really captured the feelings of the day! So much fun and such a beautiful couple! I love it!

  2. Beatiful pictures… I’d like to see more pictures of Joel’s family… the Houck’s? Joel’s sisters, cousins, aunt and uncle, mom and dad…

  3. IM PRESSED hardly covers the Range of Emotions that all of those Lovely Photos bring up ! WOW !!!! I am absolutely Fulfilled, I am the Blessed Father of A Daughter Who as realized Her True Calling in Life,and She surely seems to ne happy as a Calm doing itall! The Joy, Radiance,and Exultation that You capture are truly Unique !! Ia m soooo proud of My “Little Girl” Almost 27 ,and I have seen Photographers Much Older that are barely even getting IT ! You have My Darling Daughter ! Ia m so Very Proud of Your Work , I want to Yell it from the Rooftops !!! Love You for all time,and then Some,and then Some,and Then Some More,and then some……
    All My Love ,and Admiration to You , Daddio :))

  4. Paloma, you always blow me away. You have such an amazing way of telling the story of the day and making me feel as I was a guest at the wedding. That is truly a gift. BEAUTIFUL story telling, beautiful images and a beautiful couple. You are amazing.

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