Makoto & Joel- Engaged

One of the perks of doing what I do, is that you get to work with so many people who you just adore! Makoto is one of my roommates, and she’s basically just a whole bunch of awesome in one petite package! I knew her years ago, but really only as acquaintances, and I’m so thankful that God plopped her in our house as a roomie! This stunning girl has a heart of gold, an amazing voice, and a wicked sense of humor! Joel isn’t too shabby either 😉 He’s one of the most genuine and friendly guys around, and the way he cares for Makoto, and makes her laugh, is just the best thing ever!

Over the past couple of months in particular I’ve gotten to know her a lot better and it’s been such a joy. Remember how I mentioned a couple months back that there was a big transition? Well, I ended up leaving the job I’d been at for 4 years, and Makoto became my replacement! So we spent many, many, many long days together as I trained her to take over, and then even more days as I supervised her working on her own. We passed the time by asking all sorts of questions, from favorite ice cream flavor to greatest hopes and fears. And during that time I got to know so much about her relationship with Joel, who I already knew and respected, but through those conversations I grew a whole new admiration for their relationship! God has completely blessed their relationship. They’re one of those couples who give you hope and gets you excited for the day it’ll be your turn! They are absolutely best friends, and are so in love! I teared up more than a few times as she told me all about their story and relationship.

I have been waiting patiently anxiously to post this shoot until they sent out their Save the Date cards. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this shoot. Makoto and Joel are one goooooood looking couple together! And we ended up having a beautiful day and we stumbled upon some gorgeous locations. Have I mentioned that I love their shoot? I can’t wait for their wedding!

Seriously. Okay. Enough verbal drooling, have a look for yourself!

Makoto and Joel, it has been so wonderful getting to watch your relationship continue to grow, and I am giddy over the fact that I get to capture your wedding! I LOVE the way you love each-other, and the way you let others be a part of your lives. Thanks for being stinkin’ adorable and for picking me to photograph these fun times in your life as a couple!

4 thoughts on “Makoto & Joel- Engaged

  1. Paloma, these images are truly amazing. The lighting, the couple, the backdrop… everything. You are so so so talented my friend. So blessed to see you doing exactly what God wants you to be doing. ❤ Amazing as always.

  2. Mokoto and Joel,

    You are such a beautiful couple, both inside and out.

    Thank you for allowing me to peek inside your lives to read your proposal day.

    Joel, I’m looking forward to meeting you… since you will be my new nephew in-law.

    Much love to you both!

    See you on the 18th!!!

    Auntie Suzie

  3. […] two are simply wonderful! They have both been so easy to work with, so easy to photograph (remember their amazing Engagement Photos?), and so easy to be friends with. Makoto and Joel are just one of those couples that work, and […]

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