Jaclyn- A Power Outage Mini Shoot

I don’t know what you did during the oh-so-fun, “unprecedented” power outage of last week, but I had a Mini Shoot planned! I finally made it through traffic to meet up with Jaclyn, who was stranded with an empty tank of gas, at a gas station that was…you guessed it, out of power…and we had a decision to make: stay in the parking lot and figure out how to still do the shoot, or reschedule.

Jaclyn’s boyfriend Jon is currently deployed overseas, and she wanted to have some fun, pretty pictures to send in his care package! I loved the idea so we just had to make it work so that it would all be done in time to send out. So, we wandered over behind the Kohl’s and made it work!

Jac, you’re hilarious, and I love you! We could probably have fun pretty much anywhere! Thanks for having me do this, I had so much fun and you are such a gorgeous woman! I hope Jon loves these and that it’s a reminder of what he gets to come home to!

Jac, you are a such a stunner!

Jaclyn has one of the raddest tattoos ever! It’s an upper back piece (still just the outlines, but I’ve always loved line drawing tattoos!) of a bird cage and birds flying free. So beautiful!

At this point we were losing light, but we kind of just decided to have fun with the last few minutes of sunlight!

And hey, when you’re stuck in a parking lot, why NOT shoot with the Semi Truck wheels?

You so pretty. You look like model, or something pretty 😉 (for those of you who think I just wrote a really lame sentence, you watch THIS)

And this last one was almost an accident. Jac had me photograph this hilariously awkward thing she and Jon do that involves shuffling of feet and looking at the ground…BUT, I LOVE how this turned out. Different from what I normally shoot, or end up with, but I love it just the same.

So, if you ever find yourself stranded in a parking lot, maybe you should turn it into a photoshoot? Turns out it’s pretty fun!

3 thoughts on “Jaclyn- A Power Outage Mini Shoot

  1. Wow , Those Pics are really something! Talk about turning Lemons over to Lemoade in a Big Cool Glass , and Just the right amount of Sugar !!! That is one Lucky Man, to have a Girl so beautiful, just radiating Her Love over to Him, God Bless EVERY SOLDIER out there, and especially their Families !

  2. you look so beautiful! Jon will love them and i am sure it will help him make it through till he gets home!

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